School is back in session, and if youʼre thinking of moving, purchasing a home near a school should be one of your top deciding factors! Whether you have no kids or are growing a family, you should always purchase real estate near a school and hereʼs why!

1. Itʼs A Smart Move
Taking schools into consideration is simply a smart move. A strong school brings better teachers, books, test scores, and can also help preserve home value and ensure faster resale rates.

2. Seeking great public schools
Many buyers say that schools are one of the key factors in their home-buying decision. Trulia had conducted a survey, and 19% of Americans indicated that their dream home is located near a school. The survey also showed that among the parents with children under 18, that percentage had jumped to 35%.

3. Look at the bigger picture
A poorly ranked public school district doesnʼt necessarily mean that the overall quality of education there is poor, and there are private schools to consider as well. Parents searching for homes and want to provide a quality education may need to factor in the quality of private tuition. Because home prices and school tuitions vary so widely, buyers will need to calculate their differences and budgets on their own.

4. Considering the Future
When it comes to the resale value, investing in a home near a school can pay off. Homes tend to sell faster and they hold their value more. With more stability in home prices and buyers able to save by not paying private school tuition, buying a home near a good school works in favor of the buyer!


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