Crosby, North Dakota Area


The Assiniboine Indians, a primitive sect of the Sioux, were actually the first recorded settlers around Crosby, North Dakota. Divide County’s seat was homesteaded by farmers in the early 1900s. They decided to place their new town at the very end of the Great Northern Railway Line. These pioneers named Crosby after a popular, local businessman. North Dakota home buyers will find many great homes in this welcoming city. Early Native American history can be explored at Writing Rock State Historic Site. Legend states that tribes made pilgrimages to the park’s granite boulder because they thought it could reveal the future. These early visitors left painted symbols on the rock that many people have tried to interpret. Crosby, North Dakota homes are available near this historical place.

Activities and Attractions

Many great attractions are held throughout the year near Crosby, North Dakota. Every June brings the Divide County Fair. Your family can enjoy this traditional fair that offers 4-H and FFA livestock exhibits and competitive baking competitions. The fair brings in lots of inflatable toys for the youngsters and plenty of delicious food for kids of all ages. Fishermen, hunters and boating enthusiasts have Skjermo Lake and Noonan Park Dam to play on. Future home owners are close to one of the most beautiful protected wetlands areas in the country. Lake Zahl National Wildlife Refuge was established to protect waterfowl breeding and nesting areas. The refuge contains 17,000 acres of wetlands and a 3,000 acre lake spread over Divide, Williams and Burke counties. The Crosby area also serves as a rest stop for migrating birds. There are plenty of athletic programs available for families in the town of Crosby. The city’s Sports Arena is home to several community hockey teams. Local lessons are also available for budding gymnasts.

Community Events

This town is a family friendly community with multiple city parks complete with playgrounds, picnic areas and tennis courts. Real estate is available near these green areas. Perhaps the best place to rest on a hot summer’s day is the local city swimming pool. Children living in Crosby area Homes can take summertime swimming lessons at the pool. Homes for sale in Crosby will put you closer to water aerobics and water exercise programs. Visitors preferring a little drier activity will enjoy the nine hole regulation course at the nearby Country Club. June’s fair is followed by Crosby’s lively Fourth of July celebration. A few weeks later the Threshing Bee and Pioneer Village opens to the public. This three day event features antique farming equipment and classic cars. Visitors will also enjoy great food and tours of 20 historic buildings. A Basin Brokers realtor can tell you more about arts and humanities that are alive and well in Crosby, North Dakota. Local citizens formed the Meadowlark Arts Council in the 1990s to actively promote plays and art shows for Divide County residents. They also provide artists-in-residence for local schools.
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